Dr. Sanjay Shetye

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology,
Clinical Psychotherapist,
Certified Sex Therapist - USA



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The Work Theory of the Ionic Detoxification

The Ionic Detoxification Process is an amazing cleansing method for detoxifying your entire body by bathig your feet in warm water while using positive and negative ion generator- the Array. The process is also known as electrolysis. The array elementis the actual ion generato device that sits down into. It attaches to the Power Supply, whivh control the array elements ion flow and change.

Benefits for Our Body

  • Removes toxins & body waste products that can cause Helath Problems.
  • Helps clear up Bad Skin.
  • Helps to remove inactive Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast & Fungus.
  • Positive Effect on Weight Loss( Assists in weight loss).
  • Headache Relief - Assists in clearing up Headache problems.
  • Slow down aging and improves body flexibility.
  • Rejuvenates and Energizes your whole body.
  • Enhances Nutrient Absorption.
  • Heavy metal Removal Increase Your Energy.
  • Help with Faster Recovery Time fo disease and Injury.
  • Increased Oxygen in your Body.
  • Helps Relieves Pain and Tension.
  • Improves Sleep.
  • Reduces Inflammation and unwanted Fluid Retention.
  • Immune System Booster.
  • Helps Balance Immune System.


The System does not claim to cure or treat any disease or injury. It assists your body to re-balance its bioenergy field and stimulates the body for self detoxification. The body's organs will naturally function better when the eletro-magnetic field are charged. The io energy charged. Detoxification will help you feel young again.

Colour & Particles in water

Colour Or Particles
Materials or Area of the Body
Yellow-Green Detoxifying From the Kidney, Bladder, Urinary Track Female/ Prostate Area
Orange Detoxifying From Joints
Brown Detoxifying From Liver, Tabacco, Cellular Derbis
Black Detoxifying From Liver
Bark Green Detoxifying From Gallbladder
White Foam Lymphatic System
White Chesse - Like Particles Most Likely Yeast
Black Flecks Heavy Metals
Red Flecks Blood Clot Materails